Toyota Corolla 2 Button Remote Key Casing

And so the background, I bought a car, they gave her a key with door control (generally there was a regular whitefish also tied to this key) and a second simple one (blank). And now about the key itself, both keys came packed in a regular bag, each included the following: There is only one of the minuses, although this is not a minus at all, the Toyota icon is pasted on a piece of paper with double-sided tape, which is stamped under the icon itself, and when you start to attach it, you have to pick out small fragments of the remnants of this piece of paper: Great item cheaper at 19 times than offline, worth buying. details as always below. case
Given the size of this case, you have to wield tweezers, in general, nothing terrible, but there must be at least one minus for a Chinese product. how could it be without it. I proceeded with the assembly, firstly it was not such an easy task to pick the transmitter module from the original key, it took 10 minutes of painstaking work, because I was afraid that everything would crack.

Toyota Corolla 2 Button Remote Key Casing

I went in and said that the money is not needed and I will wait until the last. Quality of internal parts: 10 After assembly, I glued the icon Overall: 10 And after 59 days from the purchase, they sent it to me. Exterior: 10 The first comparison showed that the insides are similar A week later, DX received a letter that this product is temporarily out of stock and they are ready to return the money or another product, please come back and unsubscribe. 2 buttons (close and open) An offline search led to the following results, the cases look the same, but the place inside for mounting the transmitter module is different, in general, I tried many options in disassembly and auto markets, not one even came close. Build: 10 The key has acquired the appearance of a brand, which is actually confirmed by the inscriptions 🙂 from which I at least recognized the model of the case.
In general, this case was scored, and suddenly in December 2011 I find this case on DX in the feed of new products, not a photo, not a review, in general, it’s not clear something is wrong, but the price was very
attractive, in general, let me think I will order. The shape of the module matched, but it stubbornly did not fit into the new case, upon closer examination, a difference was noticed, on the side of the metal blade on my original case there was one cut and on the new one there were two, the problem was solved by cutting them on the case with a clerical knife so that it was tight there the module entered, after all, it was again a slightly different version of the case, but this time at least everything got up. In general, my feeling of perfectionism is now almost satisfied, it remains only to look at the market to our Chinese brothers to make the blade of the key itself. Short on 10 as always: and over two-sided adhesive tape the Toyota icon, like stick it yourself. In the first place, I made an unforgivable mistake, dragging the key to the car on a common keychain weighing 300 grams, since the top of it is rubber and the buttons also apparently knocked off one button with something and a hole formed instead of it, the key continued to work, which is actually unprincipled since I still have another sig and when it is armed, it turns off the on-board power, which leads to the complete inoperability of the regular key of this one, but still I am a perfectionist and I don’t like to have broken things. Thank you we love you your DX”… 3 bucks in total but very nice 🙂
While I cut the case, I noticed that the plastic is very durable, and when opened, the tabs open much more difficult than on the original, but this may be due to the fact that it is new. And to my surprise, 2 keys and a letter in the form of a credit card arrived, in broken English “we sympathize with your heavy (HAVY) suffering and love you very much because you understand that sometimes it is difficult for you to give what you ask, and decided to give you gratitude giving you a second item. Here we opened a Toyota center and I went there, the result was killed, an empty case of my type will cost almost 1900 rubles, forgive me, of course, I’m a perfectionist, but not sick. rubber hermetic (. ) gasket And by googling it, I found out that I needed a version not -08 but -06, in fact, the year corresponds to the year of the key.

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