A set of reamers (bevelers, deburring…

A set of reamers (bevelers, deburring tools, deburring tools) with a holder

Shank diameters are slightly different and range from 3.16 to 3.2mm.
Double ended collets, diameters 1.1 2.4mm and 1.8 3.2mm Extremely satisfied. they seem to work fine, but I will use them mainly on soft metals and plastics.
Reviews of such a tool have already been on mysku, but this set https://jiji.ng/280-dinner-sets/porcelain attracted attention precisely because it is a set – that is, 11 pieces of DIFFERENT interchangeable blades, which will allow you to choose exactly those that are needed and re-order, if necessary, ten of them already. As you can see, with 11 knives declared in the description, in fact we have 12, it seems like there are two BS1010s, for which many thanks to the seller.
On the other hand, sometimes a rigid fixation is needed.
Packaging Unfortunately, when ordering, there was a misunderstanding, and the wrong pen was ordered, but in principle, this one will come in handy, and we will order another one later. Now the knives themselves. Well, I’ll hide larger photos of all knives under the spoiler Collet clamp. In general, the pen is made very worthy, you can take Somewhere in the open spaces of Ali, I also found these pictures showing the differences and purpose of knives Summarizing: I have been looking for a set of different blades for a long time. Under the cut there will be little text and a lot of photos. This handle is just a collet, which spoils the idea of ​​these reamers that they should rotate freely in the handle. In my opinion, some kind of stainless steel, because it is heavy, does not magnetize, if you scratch it with a needle file – there is white metal inside. However, I repeat, this set is interesting precisely from the point of view of “can I see everyone?”, so that later I can choose and buy exactly the right ones in the right ones.

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