Low cost and compact H7 LED lamps

The lamps are available in seven bases: H1, H11, H3, H4, H7, 9005, 9006. such lamps also have applications. In order not to be unfounded, I can cite the Yamaha FZ6 S1 as an example of such a motorcycle. Let’s move on to the lamps. At the moment, these are, if not the cheapest, then one of the cheapest lamps from the entire range offered to us by our https://jiji.com.gh/165-bricks/red favorite Chinese stores. In this review, I will talk about another recently appeared lamp model in the H7 base. It is possible that such an inclusion is also found on cars. As with most budget lamps, it uses an assembly of three LEDs placed on a single substrate. This time the lamps are delivered in a soft cardboard box with a plastic holder for the lamps. The weight of the lamp is only 49 grams. However, there is another factor preventing this, namely the thickness of the case on which printed circuit boards are installed, for more efficient heat dissipation. In addition, this lamp model is also one of the most compact. From the configuration here, in addition to the lamps, only a piece of paper with gratitude. The adapter is installed on two o-rings, it is held tight enough, I think that it will not turn from shaking, besides, the lamp is quite light. The casing is pressed onto the radiator. As usual, there is an aluminum case, which is integral with the heatsink. To connect the dipped beam, there is simply no contact in the power connector. I have already tested lamps in which the LEDs were installed on the same printed circuit board from different sides, and the heat was removed not inside, but on the outside of the case. Let’s move on to the LEDs. As practice shows, at the moment the dimensions of the LEDs are already as close as possible to the dimensions of the helix of a halogen lamp, due to which, it would seem, any such lamp should have an excellent cut-off line. At the back of the lamp is a fan, covered with a metal casing. For even more savings, a driver can be installed on the same board. Also in the next photo you can see the rest of the overall dimensions of the lamp. On some motorcycle models, an H7 lamp is responsible for the low beam, and an H4 lamp can be used for the high beam. To keep the price down, apparently I had to save a little on packaging.

Low cost and compact H7 LED lamps

So here, now the printed circuit boards are not pressed on both sides to the lamp body, but the lamp body is pressed on both sides to the printed circuit board on which the LEDs are installed. As usual, first a few words about the box. By the way, this model of lamps can be sold both in pairs and individually. In this case, the H4 lamp uses only the high beam coil, or, in this case, high beam LEDs.

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