Plantronics RIG 500E Modular eSports Gaming Headset

There is no emphasis on bass as in many gaming headsets. First you need to go to the manufacturer’s website and download the program. The product was provided for writing a review by the store. As always, I add a video review in which you can evaluate the quality of sound recording from a microphone. The left earcup of each type has a microphone jack. Headphone frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz Microphone sensitivity -45 dB V/Pa This site has three positions. There is a plastic protrusion near the entrance to the cup, but at the entrance to this protrusion, the wire can break, so you have to use it carefully. The box with the headphones came to me in a regular postal package, there was no foam or pimple inside. Of course, the level of noise and the volume of the sound itself in the headphones matters. Microphone directivity unidirectional There is noise cancellation which is good. Due to the through holes, the sound from the external environment penetrates into your ear and you can hear what is happening outside. Thank you all for your attention. Recording quality is normal. There are 2 cables in total. Today I want to talk about headphones from the American manufacturer Plantronics. Due to the use of plastic, it is possible to achieve low weight. Headphones weigh only 200g. Along the edges of the leatherette insert. I’m a little inattentive and at first I thought that the button did not work until I noticed the inscription on the orange sticker. The sound from the external environment is almost inaudible. This model has a self-adjusting headband. There is even a Russian translation for the main points. I can only say that I, as an avid music lover, liked the sound. This is an extended version of the entire 500 series line. And this is what we have as a result, it’s not me in the photo) Cups of open type on the outside have through honeycombs, under which there is a blue fabric. PC connectivity Yes Closed cups are used for complete immersion in the gameplay.

On the manufacturer’s website you can buy a headband in various colors. But inside each set the same 40mm speakers. I really hoped that everything would come alive. Closed ear cups come with leatherette ear pads, while the open ear cups come with fabric. At first I thought they sent two headphones.

Let’s start with the headband. What can I say about these ears in general? These are definitely not basshead headphones. USB connection and 3.5 mm jack
I liked that the headphones are easily adjusted to fit on the head. There is also just RIG 500 and RIG 500HD. Among the shortcomings, I can note thin wires that go without a braid. But when you turn it on on the 7.1 remote, it’s just a song. An example of sound recording can be appreciated from the video review. All black wires are of high quality. Link to view on phone/tablet It is very comfortable. I am not a master of painting about panoramas and barrel shape. You can turn off the microphone at any time this way. If I were buying headphones, I would assemble them in this way.

Well, maybe I wouldn’t buy it myself.
That is, the headphones are completely disassembled. It is made of high quality plastic, bends well and has no foreign smell. Bullets flying by and rustling on the sides are super. What does it mean? Under the main frame there is a bar. In addition, I will immediately note that this company is a sponsor of the European eSports League. But everything is easier. Cables and paper products were hidden in black pockets. Everything is connected to the headphones through the same hexagon. There is mesh on the underside for better ventilation. And if she absorbed the sweat from her head, then at any time you can wash it. I will order a second headband for myself and now there will be 2 pairs of headphones. In the box we find promotional products, instructions, a sticker with the symbols of the league and a couple of booklets. The principle of modularity allows you to change the cups in a vertical position and change them depending on your preferences. Headphone type on-ear They are light in weight, after a couple of hours in games I did not notice any discomfort. The cost is $10-15. As for the appearance of closed cups, the outer side does not have holes.
The kit comes with a detachable microphone. Maybe I’ll ask one of my friends to pick it up. Anyone who has played shooting games in 7.1 or 5.1 ears knows what I mean.
On the headband there is a platform for attaching ear cups.
The box is quite impressive in size.
If you have a large head, then insert the cups into the lower compartment. By the way, they are also played on the channel. Microphone signal-to-noise ratio > 42 dB It is easily removed. By the way, by registering headphones on the site before March 31, you can get a headband for free. Headphone sensitivity 110 dB SPL/V (ventilated ear cups) / 113 dB SPL/V (sound-proof ear cups)

Plantronics RIG 500E Modular eSports Gaming Headset

Hello everyone. It’s nice not only to play, but also to watch movies. My ears are not lop-eared, so they fit normally. What matters most to esports athletes and gamers with headphones? Weight and sound are the main criteria. The review will focus on the RIG 500E model. On the body there are inserts made of transparent plastic. Let’s say you’re streaming (playing live) and a friend comes into the room with his stupid comments or your mom calls you to eat and with the only movement of the microphone all the way up you turn off the sound recording from the external environment.
Comes with a cable to connect to your phone/tablet to listen to music or play games. A distinctive feature of this cable is the presence of an external sound card with the Dolby 7.1 system, and what is most interesting: the remote is certified by Dolby itself. Weight 200 g Headphone drivers dynamic, 40 mm I liked the camouflage colors the most. And now we got to the cups. In addition to the connection socket, there is also a plastic
leg, which gives additional rigidity and stability to the microphone.
Now let’s move on to the headphones themselves. The headphone jack is made in the form of a hexagon. Max. headphone input power 40 mW a condenser microphone, if I had the RIG 500E earlier, because the microphone records the sound well, and during processing you can already get normal quality.
Let’s see what we’re dealing with. Everything is sold even separately: cups, microphone, headband, cables, there is even a bag. The microphone is adjustable only in the vertical position, i.e. up down. I’m comfortable in the middle position. I can’t see what’s inside the rod. Microphone frequency response 100 Hz – 10 kHz Let’s say you have a big head and you put on headphones – the bar rises. In such ear cushions, owners of large ears will not be comfortable, because they will tuck a little.

True, there is only for America. Running a little ahead, I note that there are honeycombs, as well as on the cups. Printing of excellent quality. It is very convenient and you do not need to change the position yourself every time. It is deep and clear.
Function 7.1 is activated by pressing the corresponding button. Inside the box are 4 cups, a detachable microphone and a headband. The board has an interesting design. One pair is closed and the other is open. Headphone impedance 32 Ohm Why exactly 4 cups are included, I will tell a little later. On the top side there is the logo of the European Sports League and the inscription RIG. the fabric is also with honeycombs, the seams are excellent and nothing sticks out. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules RIG 500E prioritizes mids and highs. Made in dark blue colors. The second is for connecting directly to the computer itself via USB. There is a cable for drying from a phone / tablet, but with such healthy ears I’m not used to walking the streets, the cheburashkas are a little annoying)) On the manufacturer’s website, you can assemble these headphones for yourself. And after you, someone dresses with a smaller head – the bar lowers itself.
The full effect of presence and immersion in the gameplay.

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