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Receipt Tracking Apps

A full-featured small-business expense tracking app, BXT allows for creating PDF and CSV reports for importing into Excel. The app features quick and easy on-screen filtering and file linking via email. Live mileage tracking ensures no mileage or time spent traveling is lost.

  • If you find a bug or a problem in your account, getting support sometimes can be a challenge.
  • Click into an expense to see the fully scanned image of your receipt.
  • However, if a majority of your workforce uses Windows phones, your options might be a bit more limited.
  • With this app, you are receiving help with budgeting, expense tracking, credit monitoring, and bills.
  • But if you simply want to keep a record of receipts that you can easily sort through, Evernote is a useful tool that has other organizational features you can use in your daily life.
  • Available on a variety of platforms, the app aims to keep all aspects of your accounting process running smoothly.

Each of these services is free with the app or its web interface. It’s the easiest way to keep track of receipts 100% automatically, from discovering email and supplier receipts, to entering data and creating expense reports in a glance. As we’ve covered, there are many great receipt scanning apps on the market.

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Set up your monthly expense tracker so you can track where your money and time go. Clockify lets you track and record your employees’ expenses such as hours, mileage, days, or overtime pay with a free expense tracker.

Receipt Tracking Apps

We can’t recommend Zoho highly enough to business owners who travel internationally or make essential business purchases in more than one country. Plus, if your entire team travels , Zoho’s first paid plan, Premium, adds a slew of traveling and trip-planning features. You can use Zoho Expense to approve travel requests, manage itineraries, set work travel Receipt Tracking Apps policy, set travel allowances, and automate payments. QuickBooks Online is one of the most extensive financial management programs on the market for small-business expense tracking. One of the program’s top features is the ability to upload receipts with a photo. An app automatically matches the receipt to existing expenses or creates new ones.

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In addition, all business expense tracker apps should provide data storage for up to seven years. This is required by the Internal Revenue Service should an audit request ever be made. I believe, the most convenient feature for our employees is the easy-to-use mobile version of the tool. You click a picture of the bill you just spent on, select the relevant expense head and hit submit. Easily generate expense reports and save a digital copy of all your receipts in case of audit. The world of expense tracking has come a long way since the first versions of Quicken and Microsoft Money came to the market in the 1980s and 1990s, respectively.

  • The Prime plan gives you unlimited scans and storage for $15 per month.
  • Custom routing rules then send the expense to the best-matched approver.
  • Jamie Johnson contributed to the writing and reporting in this article.
  • If your work doesn’t have you making frequent trips, you might want to consider Expensify alternatives.
  • The app, introduced in 2015, allows for easy categorizing and separation of business and personal expenses.

You will also be able to use your expense tracker to reimburse employees for business costs incurred. These reimbursements will be based on receipts submitted by employees and managed by you through the app.

The 8 Best Receipt Trackers And Scanners For Small Businesses In 2022

Since this app sends your receipts directly to your email, you won’t have access to a storage system. Instead, you’ll need to search your inbox for the receipts that you need. Because of this, you may find value in this app if you only scan receipts on a limited basis. While the Vupoint ST470 doesn’t give you the ability to connect to cloud services, it does have a micro SD card you can use to save your receipts on the go. In just three seconds, it extracts data from your scanned receipt so you can organize and save it quickly. Your data can be accessed from anywhere, and you can collaborate with your team at any time. Here’s a quick rundown of the most important features to look for in a receipt scanner.

When you pinpoint spending, you have an accurate view of just how well your business is handling money. With money being essential for the working of any business, it’s imperative to keep track of the cash’s inflow and outflow. However, if you’re looking for a handy quick reference guide to your finances at any time of the day, or night, then the mobile edition of this package is certainly one to try. Sign up to receive more well-researched small business articles and topics in your inbox, personalized for you. Eric Gerard Ruiz is an accounting and bookkeeping expert for Fit Small Business.

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The motto of Expensify is “Expense reports that don’t suck.” That bodes well for the usefulness of this app. You can scan your receipts and the app will automatically read the information on the receipt and put it into your database. These 5 apps could turn your expense tracking from a disorganized mess to a well-oiled machine. The Epson ES-50 scans a single page in just 5.5 seconds and uploads it directly to the online storage account included with the software.

It functions as a desktop scanner, but it also has a detachable wand you can use to scan. This wand is the perfect size to take with you on the go, and it even comes with its own carrying case. Paper receipts get lost, the ink fades over time, and in general, they cause you all kinds of problems. Luckily, you can avoid all of them with a good receipt organizer app. Welcome to Online Tech Tips – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips.

  • Concur allows you to take financial decisions backed by solid data holistically.
  • Concur Mobile allows you to automate and integrate expense management.
  • We’ve spent time using the best expense tracker apps and software collection assembled here to see just how well suited it is for business use.
  • However, this app also helps you avoid late fees by notifying you of upcoming bill due dates.
  • Certify boasts a variety of core features that will automate most expense-related processes, saving you a lot of time.

Each provider we listed here either is free or offers a free trial. The FreshBooks receipt scanning app can help take any worry out of the equation. You can organise your receipts and keep track of all your payments. All without having to worry about whether or not your information is safe and secure. Customers can add unlimited receipts, unlimited users and have unlimited storage of data in a simple monthly plan with no hidden charges. With Abukai, you don’t need to manually input data from your receipts, categorize your expenses or worry about exchange rates—the app does it all for you. Shoeboxed data exports to Quicken, Excel, CSV or PDF, and comes with its own online software to analyze spending with charts and graphs.

What Can A Receipt Scanner App Do For You?

This tool is effortless to create and handle reports and make reimbursements. You only have to upload a picture of your expenses, and the report is created automatically. You can try the free version, for it is easy to use and provides you the pathway to think in the right direction for your business expenses. It helps you track costs while moving, at home, or in your office. It has the feature of taking the required data from the image you upload of any bill or receipt.

Receipt Tracking Apps

Choose to warn or entirely block employees from submitting expense reports when a rule is broken. Set up daily, monthly, or yearly expense limits, or place a rule for a custom duration as well. Our Expensify receipt scanner allows you to snap a photo of your receipt and SmartScan automatically captures all the details in an expense report. Better yet, get the Expensify Card and say goodbye to receipts forever. See all of the most important data from your receipts in one organized place for easy and at-a-glance expense tracking. Click into an expense to see the fully scanned image of your receipt. The widest choice of back-end accounting software integrations, and they have the best international environment features as well.

The Best Receipt

While Neat is a pricier option, it does more than just scan and upload your receipts. Unlike other receipt scanning apps, it can also keep all of your other documents in order. You can use Clear Scanner while you’re traveling to quickly capture receipts and save them as PDF documents or JPEG format that you can attach to your expense reports. Saving your receipts is literally a two-step process with this app. You just take a picture of the receipt or invoice while traveling and submit the receipt to save it to your phone.

Currently, she’s’s accounting and payroll staff writer. Her work has been featured on, G2, and Fairygodboss, among others. The app also has plenty of other features, like the ability to create and send invoices on the go, get updates on when clients view or pay invoices and manage expenses. With a receipt scanning app, you can forget about manually inputting your expense details. It takes care of the numbers for you, so that you can focus on taking care of yourself.

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We’ll do the work of scanning your receipts and turning them into organized and actionable digital data. Clear your desks and drawers of paper receipts by mailing them straight to our processing facility for free with our postage-paid Magic Envelope™! Scan in any strays with our mobile app available in the Apple App and Google Play stores. Receipt Bank simplifies the expense tracking process by minimizing data entry, though some customers may need time to get used to its processes. Shoeboxed classic costs $39 per month and allows 150 document scans per month for two users.

Mature Though Complex Expense Tracker

FreshBooks is a business expense tracker app that helps track expenses for small and medium businesses. Your account will be updated every day by connecting your bank account and credit card. The Collect plan starts at $5 per user per month and includes all of the aforementioned features plus duplicate expense deduction and tax tracking features.

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