Music Pro Allroom Review

The Music Pro Allroom package combines a compact seem with a excessive sonic overall performance. The 150-watt power supply combines with a six. 5-inch long-throw driver and a down-firing reflex interface to deliver an impressive performance. The sound is navigate here surprisingly wide open and persuasive, and despite it is lack of dynamic sweep and excitement, this product can be an superb performer any time used in the appropriate environment.

In contrast to most other multi-room audio systems, the Allroom Oxygen One is a premium AirPlay speaker you can use as a stand-alone speaker or perhaps as part of a multi-room sound system. Its features include USB input, advertising agency 3. 5mm, and optical digital TOSLINK. Its dual-channel technology allows it to serve as a household sound system. The remarkably low key design delivers HDTV sound quality. The Allroom Air One also comes with a tactile handset and the Sound Pro iOS app.

The Allroom may be a compact speaker that offers big appear, with its high-gloss hand colored cabinet. It comes in four distinct colors, including black, white, magical, and reddish colored. The audio-video technology used in the Allroom is unique, and the bass response is fantastic. The subwoofer is the most powerful component inside the system, however the SUB ALLROOM is more than adequate for smaller setups.

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